January 08, 2017

My First Illustration Project For MATS A: An Online Illustration Class

Hello :)

So, I dove in and decided to enrol in an illustration Make Art That Sells e- course. I chose MATS A, which has five components: creating illustrations for bolt fabric, home decor, children's books, wall art & the gift market.
Illustration projects require much tea :)

I have completed the first project, which was bolt fabric: designing a pattern that could be used on fabric, with a couple of coordinates.

The theme was Pasta & Pyrex.

I think that pushing myself to create something I wouldn't normally create is a good thing. The last thing on my mind was drawing pasta and pyrex bowls. But I learned about the pasta shapes, by studying their twists and shadows; and the style of the bowls were fun to look at and let that retro style sink in then try to create my own retro design elements.
Preliminary sketches & art on my desk

I have found the course immensely helpful so far. There is always something more to learn, skills can always be improved on. I intend to work at my craft (illustrating) to make it better & better, and this class is perfect for that. I get so excited about learning, whether it's some sort of craft technique, or a tip on how to work more productively. And the MATS class is sprinkled throughout with some life tips that help us be better illustrators & artists.

There is so much jam packed into the class, such as galleries of past work, reviews on students work, interviews and industry insider tips. I find the content varies so much and that keeps me motivated as it feels fresh when you're always focussing on something new.
My finished illustration for the bolt fabric assignment

Next up is home decor which I am mega excited about and we are illustrating some images that could be used on ceramic plates, using Staffordshire Pottery as inspiration. Here is a study/ sketch I have done to start this component. I am now working on the roughs and then I will dive into creating the final illustrations. Stay tuned!

Jules :)


  1. Your illustrations are fantastic! Good luck with the class!

  2. I love the drawing at the foot of your post, so lively and lovely shapes. The course you're doing sounds a lot of fun! I'd never have thought of drawing pasta myself, what a great inventive idea.
    Jess xx


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